Discover the ‘Fixer Upper’ Family! The 5 Children of Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ House Looks Like Open Front Missions Joe’s Silo Bakes Company is as sweet as it gets.

Chip and Joanna Gaines have adorable babies, and the creators of Magnolia work hard to ensure their children can live happy and everyday life.

In an interview, Joanna, 45, said, “I’ve noticed that as I get older, these people see that they connect more with me.” “I want them to see the ups and downs, so when stressed about school or relationships, they know this is a safe place for them to come to me.” Since May 2003, the couple has had five years. The proud parents of two young children have built a fan base over the years, fascinated by new updates from Mom and Dad.

Whether they’re on screen (show them playing outside, helping dad on the family farm, or shopping with their mom, gardening, and decorating), the Gaines’ children have also managed to avoid the limelight. Most of the time, I had a happy and normal childhood. Will five little Guinea HGTV graduates follow their parents? Learn about the next generation of the Gaines family with our guide to Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines’ kids.

How many youngsters do Chip and Joanna Gaines have?

Chip, 48, and Joanna Gaines, 45, have five children: three sons and two daughters.

What is the name of Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines’ child?


  • The Gaines, Joanna, and Chip boys are named Drake, Duke, and Crewe.
  • His daughters are Ella Rose and Amy Kay.

What is the age and date of birth of Joanna and Chip Gaines’ child?

Believe it or not, their eldest son Drake is 19 years old and an adult! (Born on May 4, 2004). Next up is Ella Rose, who was born in October. Born on February 23, 2006, he is 16 years old now. In third place is 15-year-old Duke (born May 23, 2008), followed by 13-year-old Emmie Kay (born February 1, 2010) and the youngest, 5-year-old Duke Lu (born June 23). , 2018).

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ children:

Derek Gaines:

The Drake Hotel in New York City, where Chip and Joanna spent their honeymoon, inspired the name of the first Drake kid. Chip said on an episode of “Fixer Upper” that he’s a football fan and athlete, and Drake has a great arm.

In Magnolia Magazine’s Autumn 2022, Joanna wrote: “Soon, our oldest son Drake will leave home for college. I am so grateful and happy to be with him. But still, my first child is on the move. Hence our family dynamic. He’ll change, and he’ll feel like a loser.”

Ella Rose Gay Enns:

  • Her mother inspires Ella Rose. Joanna says that Ella wants to be a designer someday and likes to paint.
  • October 2022 Joanna posted a video of Ella decorating his 16th birthday party and doing his best not to cry!

Amy Kay Gaines:

  • Amy Kay is blessed with Joanna’s gardening skills, owns her plants, and produces and sells flowers.
  • In November 2018, Joanna posted a shocking message that Amy wrote in pencil on her bathroom vanity. (Don’t worry, it’s not permanent!)
  • Emmie Kay also has her sticky rice pudding recipe, which Jo describes as a mix of cookies, chocolate chips, and fudge. Sounds delicious!

Duke Gaines:

  • Duke grows his vegetables and equips them with his mother, Joe. Along with playing baseball, he likes watching it with his father, Chip.
  • Crewe Wins
  • Chip and Joanna Gaines gave birth to her son, Crewe, in June 2018. Her four older siblings were so excited to see her when she was born!
  • Despite being the youngest in the family, he is very good with everyone – he even goes skiing with his dad! The team also ran a marathon with Chip.
  • He dutifully said goodnight to his Normal plant, so – how cute is this baby?! Recently, Crew has been butterfly hunting, rubber pulling, etc., with mom Jo. The youngest gushed, “This kid makes life interesting.”

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What rights do Chip and Joanna Gaines have over their children?

Surprisingly, Chip is the most rigorous of the two parents. She told PEOPLE: “I almost grew up in an ‘after dark’ environment – [my family] didn’t usually know what we were doing, but it was all good and fun, so yeah, I thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a crazy parent. 

I don’t know what that is when I become a parent. Sometimes I feel a bit like a teacher,” she admits. “There are some aspects of my behavior as a parent that I don’t like.

He and Joanna limit their kids’ TV time, don’t have a TV at home, and insist they only have cell phones once they go to elementary school. High school! He told People magazine: “It’s funny, it’s more fun than I thought. I slept too much.

There are some things I care about, but I think of Chip, entertainment video games, and television. That’s where it got a little tight. That’s right, “You’re going out to play.” “

Has Chip Gaines been married before?

  • No! Joanna’s first wife and now only wife. Before she met Joanna, someone published in Magnolia Journal in 2017.
  • “I’m sure that’s Amy,” he said. “I got off the plane [on my way to visit her in London] and decided to be that young woman.”
  • As we all know, all is not well for Chip and Amy. Then he met and wedded Joanna; as they say, the remainder is history. Episode

Do Chip and Joanna Gaines’ kids like to be on camera?

The Gaines family tries to keep their children out of sight. Although the boys occasionally appear on “Fixer Upper,” they are generally kept off the camera (though they usually hang out behind the scenes).


In a nutshell, the Gaines family, led by the charismatic duo of Chip and Joanna, is not only a symbol of successful home renovation and design but a leading witness to the importance of family values ​​and standards. As the proud parents of five adorable children (Drake, Ella Rose, Duke, Amy Kay, and Crewe), Chip and Joanna prioritize bringing joy and growth to their children. 

Despite their fame and attention, Gaines’ children do not receive much attention, which allows them to enjoy their children like any other child. Chip and Joanna touched the hearts of fans with their true love for each other and their families, and their legacy will continue to inspire designers and loving parents alike.

One thing is essential as they enter a new phase: The Gaines family will never forget the name “Fixer Upper” as a lively, warmhearted family.

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