11 Simple Inventions That Could Change The World

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We are beyond thrilled to be in the company of these astounding inventions, like a filter that cleans 3000+ gallons of water! However, we do just want to be clear that xylitol gum was invented decades ago and has been a known to benefit dental health for years. Our innovation is to get the most xylitol, at the lowest cost, to people who need dental care.

How Having a Sweet Tooth Might Save Your Life

After meeting with a healthcare policy expert at the University of Pennsylvania, one quote stuck in our minds: "When it comes to healthcare, free is not cheap enough." In the daily rigors of life in an urban slum, people don't have the time or the knowledge to manage their health problems -- even if treatment is free. Research in public health suggests that initiatives requiring a change in behavior of urban-slum populations are often ineffective. With Sweet Bites, we will present the people with a way to improve their oral health without changing their behavior in any material way. People love gum, and our solution is to employ this habit towards the improvement of oral health in urban slums.

Penn team wins 'Nobel Prize for students' with gum that prevents tooth decay

“What they came up with makes perfect anthropological sense,” Petryna said. “Poor people often buy things in very small increments — be it their chewing gum, their medicines or their home building materials. Drug packaging and sale strategies in many poor countries are often designed with these economics in mind.”

Bubblegum That Cleans Your Teeth--For Kids Where There Are No Dentists

Up to 3.9 billion people--or roughly half the global population--suffer from untreated tooth decay. They don't visit a dentist regularly (except to get a tooth extracted). They're prone to aches and related sleep problems. Their brushing-and-flossing routine is minimal, or non-existent.